Listening to the clients, understanding their needs, transforming a mood and ideas into unique textile experiences.
  • In haute couture, building a brand name and the identity of its products.

and design

They go hand in hand, they intertwine and blend together like the colours of a kaleidoscope.
Our mission is to combine style, needs, materials and details to the best of our abilities to create something marvellous and coherent with the brand being represented.

light and fast

Without it we wouldn’t be able to do much with the experience acquired over the years.
It’s that “something extra” that allows us to experiment and dare, to make mistakes and try again.
Always with total flexibility and respect for the client.

We are

We are visionaries, practical, dreamers, pragmatists, moody, decisive.
The passion for what we do, and knowing that we all complete each other, keeps us together.
We talk, we argue and sometimes we get angry.
We are a team - We are inch_studio.