Listening to the clients, understanding their needs, transforming a mood and ideas into unique textile experiences.

  • In haute couture, building a brand name and the identity of its products.
  • A free space in which to blend images, skills, textiles, words, feelings, technology and handshakes.
  • Selection of the best materials, careful and scrupulous manufacturing, attention to detail, enhancement of final result, outcome of the combination of experience, craftsmanship and research.
    Combining personality and product through a work ethic summed up in 5 values: professionalism, passion, sharing, plurality, dialogue.
    Inch by inch (move slowly) – proceed slowly, advance carefully, step by step, without neglecting anything.
Product and production archive available to clients
Selection and purchase of national and foreign raw materials
Special services (dying, printing, machine or hand embroidery)
Hand and CAD modelling – Prototyping – Production – Logistics


“Delivering the samples on time, managing our resources the best way possible, satisfying the designer, squaring the circle, pulling the strings”.
I was only 19 when I began in this industry, but I can remember the noise of the machines and the knitters’ smiles as if it were yesterday.
The ball becoming yarn, which comes together with more yarn becomes a top, the colour cards, the special yarns, the first conventions…
At 26 I moved to Veneto from Tuscany because I was asked to become a line manager and I said “yes”.
It was the start of a great adventure: Paris, Hong Kong, Milan, Istanbul…
I haven’t stopped for the last 15 years and I have learned more than I could have imagined.
Until the day I realised that everything had become too routine.
On December 05th 2017, Massimo and I set up inch_studio and, in that exact moment, routine and boredom disappeared.


“Operation and production. Punctuality and precision. But also heart, attention and desire to always surprise the client”.
I worked in the fashion sector as Operations Manager for 20 years.
I travelled all around Italy and the world acquiring experience, handling suppliers, clients and cultivating an ever-growing dream.
I wanted to take advantage of the experiences I acquired and the mistakes I made. I wanted my own team to build something really special, to share the work with proper planning and vision.
Satisfying the clients’ needs, knowing how to interpret and translate the designer’s ideas, seeing all this that comes true day after day with my own eyes and the help of everybody, gives me incredible energy.